Welsh Youth Parliament

for you, for the future

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Working together is better. 


We want your voice to be heard as part of the democratic process in Wales. Sharing your opinions, ideas and making Wales a better place. For everyone.


It starts with you

Talking about the things you want, need and the issues that are important to you.

You can make change

Using the Welsh Youth Parliament to amplify your voice to make real change for you, for the future.

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Your voice is powerful

You may not be able to vote until you're 18, but the Welsh Youth Parliament will campaign and debate on your behalf.


This is just the beginning.  


Why a youth parliament?


It’s time for you to get involved in Welsh politics.

To talk about the things you want, need and the issues that are important to you. Why should you wait until the age of 18 to have your say? Make yourself heard now and help to shape your future and that of others in Wales.



The name.

What should your youth parliament be called? The ‘Welsh Youth Parliament’ and ‘The Youth Parliament of Wales’ are some of the names that have been suggested. We want to hear your thoughts.

The idea.

You asked for a youth parliament, we listened. This consultation is the first step towards getting the ball rolling and to make sure your views are considered on all aspects.



Should your youth parliament have 60 members to reflect the number of Welsh Assembly Members? Help decide how these members are elected to ensure all young people in Wales are represented.

The aim.

What should your youth parliament aim to do? What should the purpose be so that it can be easily understood and shared?


The role.

Help shape what your youth parliament should do, what issues it should consider and how the work is prioritised. It’s your parliament and you should decide what its role is.

The values.

How do you think members should treat each other, and who they represent? Tell us how you would like to be treated if you were elected.


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